Bio & Artist Overview

About RayFace

RayFace is the founder of Self Made Music, a recording artist, and a native of Houston, TX. Although RayFace lives in Houston, TX, he maintains residency in Los Angeles, CA.

Growing up in Houston in an economically depressed region on Houston’s north side, Rayface has experienced the worse and the worst. After his parents decided to end their union, custody of RayFace has shared among relatives.

While living under his aunt’s care, RayFace developed a close bond with the streets which introduced him to the dark world of crime. The lack of structure in his life resulted in RayFace seeking solace which was found in the comradery of his street family.

By his adolescent years, he was already involved in many of the illegal ventures found in the streets. He made money. After several run-ins with the law, RayFace was imprisoned and served hard time as a result of his actions.

Getting to Know RayFace

The Early Years

RayFace had a rough childhood; a sink or swim type of situation, which forced him to become a natural born leader. This leadership attribute coupled with humility, led to him earning respect on the streets of Houston, TX.

Although many consider the hip-hop scene or “rap game” to be overly saturated with false-talent, RayFace has unique grip on crafting original concepts in addition to a mastery of articulation.

After realizing a local acceptance as a real player in the Houston underground rap scene, a hard nut to crack, RayFace decided to embark on his music career.

A Hustler’s Business Acumen

The incorporation of his street knowledge into the application of savvy business tactics has led to many Houston area players to believe that Ray will be a dominant player on the rap scene.

Not only does RayFace plan to record and market his music to the masses, but he also spearheads many other lucrative business ventures.

While most new artists enter the game at the ground level, Ray has demonstrated that he is a step above most of his peers.

RayFace, The Artist

Superior Production

Ray has already secured hits from Super Producer TA, a produced credited with clients like Slim Thug, Bun B, Plies, Rick Ross and other great acts.

Promotional Prowess

He also enjoys the benefits of being under the direction of media/public relations guru Lavish Ways. With this dynamic duo backing his soon to be sensational career, failure is not an option.

Future Projects

While he has not slated a release date for his project, the streets are patiently waiting. The once D-boy turned hit maker has a strong social presence to go along with his larger-than-life demeanor.

Ray’s life story could easily be depicted in film but he is still adding pages to the script. His avid supporters along with his newfound fans, will easily propel Ray to a level beyond his predecessors.